Full Contact IFR

Full Contact IFR

Maxwell Internal Floating Roof – Full Contact

Normally our Maxwell Full Contact type Internal Floating Roofs fall into three different types; Hex, Box or Pan type, designed in either Aluminium or Stainless Steel:


• MFC-HEXA FC Internal Floating Roofs- Hex Aluminium


• MFC-BOXA FC Internal Floating Roofs- Box Aluminium

• MFC-BOXS FC Internal Floating Roofs- Box Stainless Steel


• MFC-PANA FC Internal Floating Roofs- Pan Aluminium

• MFC-PANS FC Internal Floating Roofs- Pan Stainless Steel

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Maxwell Internal Floating Roofs are custom designed to each individual tank within the requirements of API 650 Appendix H.

All Maxwell Internal Floating Roofs are designed by our design and engineering team utilizing the latest technology to assure that you have the most efficient Internal Floating Roofs in your storage Tanks. Our Internal Floating Roofs are often designed to an end users’ specific criteria that exceeds the standard design and requirements.

In today’s market the standard internal floating roofs, fitted with the correct seals, will be compatible with most of the petroleum industries products. For those controversial products such as Methanol and Ethanol, we provide the Stainless-Steel Full Contact Internal Floating Roofs.

Advantages of the Maxwell Aluminium and Stainless-Steel Full Contact Internal Floating Roofs when compared to the controversial Steel Floating Roofs

• Allows more tank capacity, which makes the floating roofs cost effective

• Positive flotation, will ensure operations during in service periods

• Faster turnaround from delivery to installation, results in downtime savings

• Optimum ability to handle most tank shell irregularities, this will prevent the system from jamming during operations

Maxwell Full Contact Internal Floating Roof Structure

The Full Contact Internal Floating Roof is a structure consisting of connected modules in full surface contact with the liquid. This full contact principle will take away any liquid vapour surface from the open environment, through which this type of floating roof can easily reduce emissions from 97% for the small diameter tanks and up to or above 99% for the large diameter tanks.

The flat surface panels are laid out on a supporting grid work of extrusion profiles with the edges overlapped and clamped in liquid tight metal-to-metal joints.

Maxwell Full Contact Internal Floating Roof Support Options

When landed, the Internal Floating Roofs can be supported by fixed or adjustable legs or can be supported by a chain or cable suspension system. Whichever supporting systems might be used the supports are situated in between the full contact sections and on a few locations on the perimeter

Fitted floating roof peripheral fitted rim seals

• The most commonly used Maxwell Floating Roof Rim Seals either used as a single or combined configuration are:

• MRS-1/350 Primary Mechanical Shoe Seal

• MRS-7/350 Primary Foam Filled Seal

• MRS-60 Primary XPE Wiper Seal

• MRS-70 Secondary XPE Wiper Seal